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Top 5 Books for Potty Training

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

There are so many awesome books out there for toddlers, and unfortunately many that aren't very good. I've compiled a small list of our top five faves right now as we are navigating Potty Training at home. Hopefully these help you as much as they have us. And good luck to you. Potty training is tough!

1. Potty

Okay, when I first got this book in the mail I was apprehensive. There are hardly any words and it seemed to "young" for my two and a half year old. BUT, I'm totally obsessed with this book now. The phrases are small and understandable for a toddler. The illustrator did a great job with capturing the facial expressions and body language. Plus there is a dog (and cat) which we have at home, and connects that she goes outside to go potty, and that he goes potty on the toilet. Great connect for little minds. It's super cute and light, but totally gets a toddler excited about using the toddler and ditching the diaper. #yay

2. Potty Superhero: Get ready for big boy pants!

I absolutely love the artwork in this book. Plus there is a dog, which we also have at home. So my toddler really likes to read this one. I love that they mention the feelings you're having beforehand. We try to talk a lot about that, so it's great to find a book that includes the tummy feelings. There are a lot of little girl panty books that are super cute. Not too many specifically for boys that talk about big boy pants or undies, so that's another plus for this one. He also has an accident, and states how it's okay, we'll try again. This has been huge for my kid, who gets really sad when he has an accident.

3. P is for Potty

This book is super adorable lift-and-flap hard book for kiddos. I found that the lift spots help my little one engage in what the story is talking about. Since he is still learning words, this is extra helpful for learning the process of going to the bathroom and what to do afterwards, like flush, wipe "but just a little" and wash hands. I like that this book explains diapers and pull-ups too, and how accidents are okay. I have a son, and in this book they talk about becoming a big boy. Which are words we use at home. Overall five stars, super cute, well illustrated and gets the point across.

4. The Potty Book: for boys

This book really captures a lot of the important concepts with Potty Training, which is why I included it. Plus the illustrations are super cute. I love that they go to the store and pick out underwear. The first time we did this with Aiden he had no idea why were were getting undies, and also no idea what they were for. So this helped to prep him, so now he's more excited about undies. It also includes pouring out the inner seat from his potty chair into the toilet. He uses both the attachment and his little chair with an insert, and there aren't many books that talk about actually dumping the poop or pee out into the toilet afterwards. Mama loves it when he dumps his own pee :-D

5. Where's the Poop?

There aren't enough books out there that address poop (also use the right terminology #win) Super engaging with little lift tabs, which my toddler just thinks are the best thing ever. Again, this book has wonderful artwork (I am a fan of a well illustrated book if you hadn't noticed!). We love all the animals, and that it includes mention of both mommy and daddy. As a lot of books are heavily focused on mommys. Highly recommend adding this one to your potty training tool box!

And that's all I have for you. Good luck, and hang in there, you've got this! Potty training is hard freaking work, for everyone involved. It takes a lot of grace and patiences. Like, I never thought I would sit on the floor in the bathroom singing to my toddler for over an hour, but for a poop in the potty and not in a diaper that I have to clean up after, I will literally do anything!!

If you have any comments or feedback. Or other books that have helped on your potty training journey I would love to hear about them!

Goodbye for now friends!

** I receive a very small commission from Amazon on qualified purchases using the links I provide. This helps me maintain the cost of my website. I one hundred percent endorse all of the products I recommend and have purchased them/tried them myself.

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