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Finding the right diaper for your baby = Do. The. Research!

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

There are a million different diapers out there. Choosing the right one actually takes time, but it is worth it. I've provided a few diapers I like below, but the important thing is know that not all diapers are created equally and there are differences! I highly recommend buying a variety and trying them out. This way you can tell which one will fit your child best, and if there are features that you prefer. For instance, some diapers have urine strips that change color when they're wet, others don't have this, some are scented...

Why is all of this important? Because a better fit = Fewer blowouts! #yay #nomoreblowouts

Yes, you can prevent blowouts just by switching diapers, also knowing that starting to have blowouts when you used to not have them could mean that your child is ready for the next size up. The sizing on diapers is more of a suggestion. Since every baby is different, a child with skinnier legs may need a smaller diaper than one the same weight with a chinkier leg. #mindblown

Another important note is that there are MANY affordable options that will work great, and key word here = #affordable because some diapers out there are super expensive, so again, do the research and save yourself some serious money. I've listed out some pricing of the diapers I like below.

My babe was super tiny. Just 5lbs 11oz when we left the hospital. I tried cloth diapers. If you can use them, and want to, and they work for your family. That's super awesome! They didn’t for us unfortunately… So disposables it was.

The diapers we went home with from the hospital were Pampers. Super solid choice. Most hospitals work with Pampers, nothing specifically that I didn’t love. Except that with my itty bitty baby, his legs were so small the diapers, even the premie ones, couldn’t get tight enough around his legs and we ended up having blowouts #majorbummer Pampers are pretty affordable in bulk, comparable to Huggies. But in smaller packs, which most stores carry, will run higher per diaper. Which is why I opt for bulk on a monthly subscription.

*something to note, your infant diaper should have a lower section in the front (see photo below) to allow for room between diaper and their healing belly button. This is very important for proper healing and if your diaper doesn't have it then it's not the right one. Not having this indent can potentially prevent the site from healing properly, or risk getting an infection, or even just cause unnecessary irritation to your baby.

Next we tried with Huggies (*note that this link is for 132 for $27.99, while the pack of 84 is also $27.99, sometimes on sale for $24... so again, #buybulk ) I liked these ones! They seemed to wick the urine a little better than the Pampers we'd previously used. Which was great, as my dude is super duper sensitive, and they fit his body better, reducing the amount of blowouts.

I ran out of diapers once and had to go to the store for diapers, I price checked and once of the cheaper options were Luvs, which worked great, fit his body, and again, far cheaper than Pampers and Huggies. That link is for 252 for $28-$29 depending on sales. They don't have a urine strip, which was really challenging for my husband. Also (and this may bother some people, or not, it did bother me) they are heavily scented. So when there was urine in the diaper, I immediately could smell it, it wasn't a bad smell, actually pretty pleasant, but it seemed like an unnecessary chemical against my little ones skin. So we didn't use Luvs for very long. But they are a solid, very reasonably priced option.

A few months after my son was born I learned about Amazon Family, I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of it prior to this, but I love it and still use Subscribe and Save, their monthly subscription, which I use for most household items. Amazon Family gives parents 20% of products with a monthly subscriptions, so it brought the price of my diapers down, cheaper per diaper than Costco even.

Recently Amazon put out their own diaper, Mama Bear brand, which I tried because they offer big discounts and I love a good deal! We are still using Mama Bear. I really love them. They fit my son the best, I honestly can't remember the last time we had a blowout situation. It also has a urine strip, which my husband demands now that we tried diapers without #lol I also love that they're white. It's totally not important, and kinda superficial, but the silly patterns on most diapers bother me, and I refuse to buy designer diapers, because they're more than five times the cost per diaper. So crazy.

I'll note it here that Amazon also makes their own brand of wipes. I actually don't like them at all #sorrynotsorry They are super thin, so you have to use a lot each diaper change, and they often will rip when I'm using one had to pull them out during a diaper change, which infuriates me. I now use THESE. They are much thicker, and even though they are a little more expensive, I can use less, so I end up not needing to buy wipes as often, which means I'm actually spending less on wipes. And I use them for everything, including taking off my makeup when I run out of my remover. Baby wipes are awesome!

One more side note, because that's how my brain works :-D If you have a kiddo that is sleeping thru the night (you lucky dog you...) then size up in the same brand of diaper, or stick a pad inside the diaper. Don't buy the night time diapers. I didn't find them to work that much better, and they were double the cost of regular diapers. Again, this is why it is important to find a diaper that fits your kiddo well, because at night you don't want a leaking situation where you have to wake up your child.

So when we were sleep training I would use a size 3 Mama Bear during the day, then a size 4 at night, just making sure that the side tabs were pulled up higher so that the leg holes were flush with my child's legs.

Again, the most important takeaway here. Try different diapers, and do the math! Amazon was the cheapest for me. You can spend more than five times the amount if you shop at the grocery store or buy a designer diaper. Really, designer diapers? Come on people. It’s super silly to me. Sure the pattern might be cuter, and even if you can afford it. Why? There are so many other things that I want to spend my money on (hint: I really love shoes :-D...) And plus, poop goes in it! So, function over cuteness wins every day for me.

Oh also, everybody poops is a really great book if you haven’t read it #lol ;) It's one of Aidens favs right now.

I really hope that helped! I'm a huge fan of saving money, because kids are expensive! I would love to hear feedback, or if you have suggestions, or other diapers that I didn't mention that are working for you, please send me a message or comment below.

Goodbye for now friends.

** I receive a very small commission from Amazon on qualified purchases using the links I provide. This helps me maintain the cost of my website. I one hundred percent endorse all of the products I recommend and have purchased them and have tried them myself.

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